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Fashionable jewelry reflects our constant need for renewal: just as we make plans every year and nurture new expectations to make more dreams come true, we also feel that delicious desire to redesign the look. We believe this has a lot more to do with personality than with “fashion.” Are you like that too?

In 2021, accessories will be full of personality! We love to create pieces that add value and sophistication without losing the essence of relaxation! See below how small details can strengthen your character and give a dynamic visual!

There is also the use of chains, the “accounts” that are coming strong there too; jewelry with fringes and tassels. And also a super trend that I love so much, which is the less conventional way of exploring the ear with ear cuffs, ear jackets, ear hooks, and earpieces!

 In all the jewels that we will discuss below, the predominance is yellow gold, the classic custom Jewelry manufacturers that continues unabated!

  • Baroque pearl and mother of pearl jewelry

 Let’s start with the classic of classics! We love pearls! All jewels look beautiful with them! Some say that pieces with pearls are only for brides or used in antique work. But we disagree with that! Pearls have an exuberant beauty and can be worn by anyone! They are super-hot, especially the baroque style pearls! They are too beautiful and give a touch of elegance to the look! 

The timeless pearl-encrusted jewels will pass the years without ever going out of style! This year, once again, pearls will be everywhere and will elegantly dress our necks, hands, and wrists. Our favorite of 2021: the beaded choker necklace whose rendering couldn’t be chicer. We are also very fond of bead earrings! Rings, pendant earrings, or simple earrings, pearls will bring maximum glamor to your looks, and that’s why we love them and never get tired of them!

In sequence, we have the pearls that returned in full force. Reinvented, they appear both in pieces with a vintage touch and modernized in various mixtures. We are highlighting the mix of chains or even those used fatih escort asymmetrically.

Oh, and for the curious, their meaning is attraction and sensuality!

  • Minimalist jewelry

This style has never lost its place in jewelry! It’s pretty timeless, but now it’s coming with more force! I believe that almost every woman has a classic hoop earring – wild piece! If you fit into this situation, know that you already have a beautiful item among the jewelry trends for 2021! In addition to being practical, the rings also allow for exciting customizations, with pendants hanging from the rim, asymmetrical shapes, and larger sizes.

 The most significant novelty in the minimalist style is several “minimal” pieces making overlaps and giving volume to the look. The use of AMADOS petit ring,  the more we use, the more we want!

  • Square watches

To change from the classic and traditional round dial, we present the square dial. Original and modern, the square watch will be on every wrist this year! We like its little retro side that matches all styles and will also enhance all your looks. As for color, gold is trendy this year, but you can also try rose gold or silver.

Each New Year brings with it many fashion trends. On the jewelry side, some trends are already starting to stand out! Rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Super on the rise, they are versatile and practical to compose laid-back looks, both day and night. Out of curiosity, it symbolizes luck, light, and positive energy 

  • Layered necklaces, choker, pendants, and medals

There is no doubt that shorter necklaces have become a fad, especially when mixed with other sizes of chokers. They’ve been up for almost two years, and they don’t seem to have a date to “get out of line”! However, the bet for 2021 is to invest in more delicate chokers with a more sophisticated footprint. We LOVE this here, and our heads are already popping with ideas!

 The idea of ​​layered necklaces remains strong and competes for the closet of the most prominent bloggers and fashionistas worldwide. A mix of well-crafted necklaces is an exquisite way to transform a simple look into something original. I believe that the right combinations with jewelry, without extravagances, can give the eye an air of distinction and perfection!

  • Statement jewelry

Have you ever heard of statement jewelry? They are conceptual pieces with artistic relevance. They usually have different shapes, striking colors, and unusual materials with the noblest. It’s like investing in real works of art but in the form of earrings, bracelets, bracelets, or necklaces. It’s already a powerful trend!

  • Insect, bird, flower, and leaf jewelry

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in this style are making a solid presence in jewelry! From delicate pieces to more extravagant pieces! Details of bees, dragonflies, birds, ladybugs, flowers, leaves!

  • Seashell jewelry

Following the line of nature, jewelry with elements of the sea also gained space for the coming seasons. Pieces with shells, shells, etc.!

  • Identity or custom jewelry

 FOREVER trend! We are going to talk about the power of personalization these days. Wearing an accessory is not just a detail but a way to visually express who you are. Behind a bespoke jewel, there is always a story that deserves to be highlighted in the piece itself — as is the case with our famous particular stone.

In addition to the representation contained in the jewel, there is a sentimental value involved. And we also like to emphasize the advantage of exclusivity — only you in the world will have that accessory. Have you ever thought about how unique this is?

  • Stately rings

In 2021, the rings will be awesome! Don’t be afraid: the bigger, the better. If you haven’t already, you can start thinking about getting some. Otherwise, choose rings with embossed details that couldn’t be more elegant in hand. Do you only have thin, discreet rings? That’s not a problem, and you can stack them on the same finger and give the illusion of a “big” call. Also, don’t hesitate to put a ring on each finger if you wish. The rendering is fancy!

The strong use of mixed-color gemstone rings often asymmetrically leads to more straightforward or more sophisticated looks! It all depends on the style of the person who will wear it and the occasion!

  •  Asymmetric jewelry

There are several styles of asymmetry, and I think they are all wonderful, different, unusual, and ideal for people with strong personalities!

 There is the type of asymmetry in which you use it – if, for example, the same model of earrings with colors or some other different detail! Another excellent type is when you use entirely different models united by a single theme or style. There is also a less bold type of asymmetry in which he operates – if very similar pieces, with one element changed (stone shape or color, position of the details).

But anyway, among all these jewelers of wholesale jewellery in spain are in huge trends for 2021, as they consider our personalities. Fashion will only be an interface between us and the world and not an imposition of what we should follow! We love a different and elegant style!

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