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The word essay is derived from the Latin word “exagium”, which means roughly translate to present one’s case. An essay is a short piece of writing which represents one’s experience, one’s side of the argument, one’s stories, etc. The personalized form of writing is an Essay. An essay is usually a short piece of writing from the writer’s perspective or story. The Common Mistakes of any sort of essay will be discussed here.

It is often considered as same as the story or a paper or an article. Essay writing is an unavoidable part of the education system. Writing a perfect essay is considered one of the greatest skills which a student gain during an educational journey. However, most of the students keep their eyes closed on the tricks of writing a perfect essay. According to cs monitor, 30 million people in the US have 14% people struggle in writing.

Most students in college commit basic Common Mistakes which tend to lower grades. According to the research of NBN, 75% of students type “do my essay” on their search engine to get a nicely written essay. Before learning the art of writing an essay it is important to know the mistakes in order to write a great essay.

Here in this blog, you tend to know the common mistakes that students usually make while writing essays.

  1. Low Syntax, punctuation, and tone of voice

Writing an essay is already a sophisticated task and when you read an essay you don’t realize when the sophisticated sentence structure makes the world different from how intelligent you sound. Employ a variety of sentence structures, both long and short, but don’t let your sentence become too long and rambling for readers. Effective punctuation is a vital part of an essay in conveying the message to the reader. Always use the perfect and confident tone of voice that will help show the reader that you know what you are talking about.

  1. Low vocabulary

None of us are experts in English, not even the people who have certain degrees. Most people get worried while talking to someone and having to choose the perfect vocabulary. The same thing happens when we sit to write. We find it difficult to process things in our minds and to think of synonyms of particular words.

If you find yourself in this situation while writing your essay, make sure to use Thesaurus as it is certainly a very good option to choose from. All you need to do is to enter a word in the search box and you will receive the definition as well as the synonyms of the targeted word.

  1. Unclear conclusion

Most of the overlooked area of the essay is the conclusion. The conclusion ties all the research together to prove a thesis. However, most students forget to give a conclusion at the end of the essay, which lacks the understanding of the topic. The conclusion has a slight difference from the introduction. It is a restatement of the introduction. The only thing to consider while writing the conclusion is to make the style and syntax of the conclusion different from the introductory paragraph.

  1. Lack of evidence

The major mistake students make is that they do not provide enough evidence or references to clarify their viewpoints. It is important to put references in your essay otherwise it is considered a useless piece of information. Although, if you are having a hard time writing your essay you should write enough examples so you can support your arguments as well as can increase your word count.

  1. Unawareness of the targeted audience

Always know who is your targeted audience is. You may encounter plenty of problems if you are not familiar with whom you are going to write an essay. If you don’t understand the targeted audience then it will be quite difficult for you to maintain quality throughout the task.

  1. Plagiarism

Professors know very well what knowledge students have and the source they have access to complete their assignment is accessible to them as well. A student can’t make their professor fool as they have years of experience in their field and they know the nature and ability of the students. So copying the content from the sources is a big mistake that most student makes. A good assignment should have extra information as well as that information that is not available on the internet or other platforms. Students can use their textbooks, notes, and lectures, etc, to add more facts and figures.

  1. Lack of structure

It is important for the writer to create content tempting so the readers are hooked to the content, instead of the content that gets readers bored ad feel frustrated while reading it. A student must write an essay that goes smoothly and remain related to the topic. Any change of idea projected should be in a new paragraph. Lack of structures leads to understanding and readability issues.

  1. Losing the focus

When a student doesn’t have strong skills on a certain topic, he will suddenly lose focus on the topic while writing an essay. And this thing can be visible to the reader immediately. Therefore, it is important for the student to maintain the flow of the topic otherwise to create sense in the topic.

  1. Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes can’t be ignored in any circumstances. Social media is the big reason behind spelling mistakes it has made us lazy by having everything ready-made. When there are plenty of mistakes it creates a bad impression on the reader. The chances of making more mistakes are when students have to submit a handwritten assignment.

  1. Formatting mistakes

Formatting is the most important step in every type of writing. It is not only important in writing the assignment on the computer but also on paper. Before submitting an essay it is important to look after proper alignment, spacing, layout, and other things.


If you just look around you will find out that there are various tools and techniques that can really help you with writing an essay. Just make to do it excitingly and creatively instead of stressing out and typing write my essay on various assignment service sites. Learning above mistakes you are definitely able to write a perfect essay.

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