Elegant Tumblr themes are critical for your blogging platform. Tumblr is among the most improving and popular third-party blogging platforms on the internet. This platform helps to make elegant Tumblr themes for decorating every blogging platform that has a professional appearance. 

In this article, we will get to look at the expert look at the elegant Tumblr themes for you. The platform is used for micro bloggers and those that need more knowledge. Here, you will get to share some suggestions with the community. After that, you will then create your profile and start blogging. So, read this article to understand elegant Tumblr themes.


That is, without a doubt, one of the best Tumblr themes you can have. It allows you to promote the online space irrespective of how creative you are as a person. This tool makes your dreams come true regardless of whether you are a photographer, writer, artist, or web designer. If you opt for salvia, you will get to share your occupation with the entire universe. The best features on salvia are in the hidden menu to find links and comfy navigation.

Salvia also makes your page look small. It also has the best font options that make your blog readable, color customization, and many other features. You can well change anything to fit your taste.


Indy is a theme that will help you capture anyone’s attention. When you use this theme, your blog will present a clean and direct appearance. It is easy to set up because it has a pretty layout, and you can also run it as long as you are willing to. Another best thing about Indy is that it will help you stand apart from the crowd. It is also responsive and mobile-friendly. Choosing Indy will make your content shine online, and you will display your work, skills, and other things effortlessly and matchlessly.


That is another elegant Tumblr theme that offers a minimal look to your blog that will impress anyone. Wicked ensures that your creations look well on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. You can also use it for search engine optimization and fast loading speed. 

It is also possible to fully edit the Web design of this theme to meet your requirements. Using this theme is also simple. With this, you will generate the best layout to display your content uniquely and engagingly. And does not consume any time or effort.r If you are looking for something that will not distract you, this theme would be the best.

Tumblr Official

The official has sets of customization that will help you tailor it the way you want. The great thing about this theme is that you will not need to have the experience to operate it. You can change fronts, header images, and colors. Your content will be present in a beautiful way with the aid of a minimal and vibrant layout. Include an avatar in it if you want to personalize it.


Elemental is a theme for those that want to start a new blog. This theme is simple as it suggests. It supports any post, and these include texts, images, videos, and tunes. With this theme, you will get image zoom, the best deal of fronts, localization, and the color of your choice. Check this theme to get the best experience.


Persona needs no introduction because the name speaks for itself. This theme is best for personal blogs, but people use it for business blogs. The reason for its use is because it adapts faster. Regardless of what your blog is about, it will appear stunning and professional. You will get a lot of social media icons, plugins to choose from. It creates a way for your first firm impression by adding up to five header pictures to your page. Start your blogging with a persona now, and you will enjoy the best features.

Ten Toes

If you love beauty, sophistication, and simplicity, this blog is meant for you. It allows you to use it on any device from your desktop to your mobile phone, and it works well even when it comes to web browsers. If your blog involves working with pictures, then this would be the best theme for you. It aims to present your visual in the best way possible. It also will not limit your ability and fits any post.


Sugar is a common stylish theme used to showcase tasks utilizing a plethora of layouts. If you want a piece for a gid-based format then, you will need to opt for this. It has slide-style show options and custom fronts to choose from. It also consists of 120 and more profile cards to use. Also, you can integrate Google analytics fast using this free theme.


Now that you have an insight into the elegant Tumblr themes for your blog, ensure to take a good look at them. Understand how these themes work and use them for your blog. Note that these themes rank depending on what they are specialized and specified on. Therefore, ensure that you select the one that meets your requirements.

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