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In the first quarter of 2021, there were around 3.49 million apps available for Android users on Google Play. In fact, the Apple App Store has approximately 2.22 million apps in place for iOS users. This fact suggests that businesses need to invest in App Store Optimization

The marketing teams of different companies today are not in abeyance whether they should invest in apps to engage with their audience. They face the dilemma of how they could enable people to discover their apps in the first place.

For the apps to be easily accessible in the App Stores, ASO is important.

This article is helpful in understanding the following:

  • What is App Store Optimization service?
  • How does it help apps to achieve higher rankings within App Stores?
  • Various App Stores for promoting your company.
  • Various tactics for improving individuals’ organic rankings for their apps.

Whether the individuals are new to App Store Optimization or they are simply keen to refine their approach to ASO, this article will share several proven practical insights for maximizing individuals’ App Store success.

What is App Store Optimization Service?

App store optimization service is also known by some other names, which includes App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO.

It deals fundamentally with enhancing the visibility of an individual’s apps inside an App Store like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Individuals can support other goals like traffic to their online app and downloads by enhancing impressions.

The major focus of ASO functioning is the applications of expert resources crucial for enhancing the ranking of mobile applications (apps) within the app stores ( such as iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft’s Windows Store).

The objective of ASO is nearly for app downloads, but the supplemental goals also include items like:

  • Brand exposure increment.
  • Maintenance of positive reviews and ratings of apps.
  • Frequent and enhanced volume of app reviews.
  • Better engagement with the audience.
  • Additional diversification of marketing channels.

Are you still considering the justification of investment in ASO?

Well, individuals must know that App Store users and app downloads are growing exponentially. As per the report, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide has been growing since 2016. The data reflects in this form:

  1. 140.68 billion installs in 2016.
  2. 192.45 billion installs in 2018.
  3. 204 billion installs in 2019.
  4. 218 billion installs in 2020.

Functioning of App Store Optimization service

If individuals who are unaware of the ASO, this might be a more familiar approach for their business’s online marketing than the traditional approach of marketing.

There are a few similarities between traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization Service – something that we will discuss in more detail.

When an individual thinks about it, it makes perfect sense. App Stores are basically closed site search engine that relies upon:

  1. Simple content (app content) discovery.
  2. Indexing.
  3. In addition to these, app ranking algorithms are tied with:
  • Perceived quality of apps.
  • Freshness.
  • Scaling of brands.
  • Signal values (ratings, reviews, engagements, etc.) of users.

These factors are all important for organic search ranking signals.

Marketing expert Digi Markets works on generating increased return-on-investment (ROI) from app stores primarily by targeting key performance indicators that are tied to increasing the app visibility:

  1. Ranking of the app.
  2. Impressions of the app.
  3. Shares of the app.
  4. Engagement of apps (reviews/ratings).
  5. A number of installs.

Similar to SEO, Optimization of individual apps’ visibility is a constantly evolving and ongoing process. When individuals build their apps, their primary gaziantep escort bayan goal is to drive traffic.

As a commitment to individuals, Digi Markets App Store Optimization packages help individuals in consistently tracking and measuring their app performance and results in the App Stores, which would be helpful for their apps in ranking high in the App Store search results.

The top 5 categories of apps that have the most transactions in App Stores in March 2021 were:

  1. Games with 21.53% downloads.
  2. Business with 10.11% downloads.
  3. Education with 8.67% downloads.
  4. Lifestyle with 8.62% downloads.
  5. Utilities with 6.24% downloads.

Organic Optimization: The Basic ASO Foundation

The key ingredient included with Digi Markets’ Mobile App Optimization Package is its organic search optimization and integration of App Stores within a broader organic marketing mix.

There are greater chances of overlapping of ASO and SEO practice than that of their direct competition among these.

The integration of these areas and the implication of consistent focus on ASO are crucial in providing support to individuals to get various gains from their search marketing campaigns. 

Individuals may get surprised after discovering that lots of the traditional SEO tactics that work for the enhancement of search engine performance are also applied in various ASO functioning as well. For example- app name/title/URL optimization, keyword research, app rating/review generation and handling, indexing, etc.

Due to the limited availability of content within the App Stores, individuals can take leverage with their website content for increasing their app awareness among mobile phone users for gaining wider value, traffic, and downloads for their apps.

In-Store tactics

Various specific optimization areas within the App Stores can be targeted for getting updates, refinements, and ongoing optimization. The majority of app downloads are directly attributed to App Stores. Individuals cannot overestimate the value of in-store maximization.

Following are the core optimization items that are essential for better focusing and improvement of apps over app stores:

  1. App name, URL, and its subtitle.

Digi Markets provided a Mobile App Optimization package that ensures the insertion of core keywords description for the individual’s apps to reinforce values, differentiation, and other perceived signals. These are important because they reflect the highest value keywords and user search behaviors.

  1. App Keyword field (s).

This is mandatory for getting the right, and updated users’ search queries. Digi Markets ensures to gather comprehensive data sets and put in place various measures for reviewing, refining, and improving keywords data and other key items in an iterative manner.

  1. Ratings and Reviews of apps.

These are the core values in an arena of gaining trust among users as well as for getting a high-ranking signal for App Stores. Digi Markets ASO teams work by creating a framework for generating reviews followed by replying and regular engagement with these reviews.

  1. Number of Downloads.

It is a renowned fact that the increased volume of downloads will support increasing prominence within the App Store’s organic ranking. Digi Markets integrates marketing channels outside the App Store for driving people to the app as it is necessary for maximizing the in-app performance.


Digi Markets App Store Optimization Packages

App Store Optimization service has become an important service required for getting in pace with the trending growth rates. Over the past few years, the need and value of various apps within the marketing mixture have been cemented as a fundamental marketing tactic.

The initial challenge faced by companies is how they should get their apps easily accessible to users organically within the major App Stores. For such organizations and individuals who are striving to succeed with their apps over various App Stores, Digi Markets’ App Store Optimization package are a good choice for the investment as the services offered by Digi Markets are very significant for refreshing, refining, and providing better position to individuals apps over the App Stores search results.

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