One report revealed that only one percent of nurses in the United States have a doctoral degree. What does that mean? Choosing to earn such a degree dramatically increases your chances for career advancement. What are your plans? Will you be part of those professionals who’ll decide to get more education? A better future starts today, and it begins with preparation.

The school of medicine has been around for ages and is dedicated to assurance of good health practice and every year, thousands of students worldwide are set to join the job market and practice all that they have learned. Unlike any other field, this touches on human life and competence is non-negotiable.

One of the requirements that a student will have to meet before the end of their academic pursuit is writing a DNP proposal, and while it might seem like an uphill task, it really is not. A DNP project marks the culmination of doctoral studies. It is a scholarly project that translates acquired knowledge into practice. It is important for a student to understand the mechanics of how to write a DNP proposal before embarking on the project.

Some nursing schools will demand you submit a DNP proposal as part of the admission requirement. The proposal should elucidate a practice problem and what the applicant thinks should be done to solve the problem. It is good practice to develop a PICOT question to guide your DNP project proposal.  Once the PICOT question has been formulated and researched, the information obtained guides the researcher on the type of study most appropriate.

What is PICOT

PICOT is a mnemonic derived from elements of a clinical research question. It stands for patient, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time. The question is framed to arouse an answer.

P stands for patient or population or problem to be addressed. Under the patient perspective, the student addresses issues related to a set population such as children, pregnant women, veterans, etc. Under the problem perspective, the student identifies a problem he encounters in his current nursing role. The problem may be patient access to quality care, patient safety, etc.

I stand for Intervention or treatment. In this case, it is what the student will do or treatment to be administered to improve or control the problem. For instance, you are doing a study on smoking cessation programs for patients with coronary artery disease. The intervention will be steps initiated to help the patient cease smoking. The intervention should be assessed to evaluate its efficacy.

C stands for control. In this case, the study should compare two sets of populations where one is receiving an intervention (experimental group) and the other group receiving a placebo (control group). The results will provide pre and post-intervention assessments of the effectiveness of the intervention.

O stands for the outcome. These are health indicators that form part of the health outcome. In the case of the study on smoking cessation programs, the outcome is improved coronary artery disease.

Sometimes nursing researchers include T which stands for a time period of time it will take to reach the desired outcome.

Structure of DNP Proposal

Identify the problem 

The very first step towards investigating a practice-based problem is identifying the problem. Once you identify the problem you are able to plot a course of action. Given that this is the peak of your academic, this paper might catapult you into the career field and you need to get something that holds your interest.

Find relevant literature to review

To make progress, you need a starting point by first understanding the already accomplished by reviewing already published literature. However, it is important that you go for the most relevant literature and base your argument from that point upwards.

Formulate your project goal

As your start your paper, you will need to come up with a thesis or hypothesis that will guide your work. Getting a project goal right from the start and collaborating it with the APA style of writing will guide your hand effortlessly through.

Create an analytic plan 

As you have been reviewing other people’s literature, you have noticed how thorough their details go and it is very easy to tell a good paper from its in-depth details. This is the kind of vibe you should go for. Maintain a detailed account of your project that will allow a reader to follow through with your work effortlessly.

Analyze the results

Data analysis is as important as any other part of your paper and maybe the most important. So, did you get the anticipated results? What contributed to the achieved outcome? How could the outcome have been any different? All these are questions that could potentially guide you to analyze your results.

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Make recommendation

At the end of your project, you should reconcile your introduction to your body, all into your conclusion. From that point, you are allowed to make recommendations from your findings on how to solve the problems or faults that you have identified in the already existing system to fill up the loopholes.

A DNP project is not the best part of a student’s journey, but it is an important one. In that regard, it is quite imperative that you do not flank in your project. Your lecturer’s input in your paper is also something to take heed of since they use the instructions they had issued to evaluate your paper.

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