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Dubai is one of the best business destinations, especially in terms of trade. Products such as cosmetics, medical equipment, clothing, edibles, etc are manufactured, imported, distributed, and re-exported in large numbers all around the globe. Dubai acts as a bridge of trade between international markets. To fulfill this purpose rightfully, the government has initiated the practice of Product Registration in Dubai. This practice ensures that only high-quality products are imported and manufactured in Dubai. 

With the growing business in UAE, the Dubai government made it mandatory to register the products before starting the business. This article gives an insight into the important aspects of consumer safety and product registration in Dubai municipality. 

Experts at Shuraa can guide you with every information you need to have regarding the product registration and will make the process as easy as possible for you. 

What is Product Registration?

Product Registration in Dubai is a procedure carried out by the relevant authorities to track and record all the manufactured and imported goods in Dubai. According to the rule, every trader or local manufacturer is obligated to register their products with the municipality of the respective emirate. 

The Dubai government has made it mandatory to register all the goods with the Dubai municipality before their promotion or sale in Dubai. It certifies quality products and also ensures that the label conveys all the vital information necessary for the consumer’s interest. Additionally, it enables the government to keep in check whether the manufacturers or traders are complying with consumer safety standards. 

Important aspects regarding the product registration in Dubai municipality 

  • The municipality of each emirate including Dubai controls and registers the products entering into the UAE market.
  • It eliminates fake or harmful products that are kept for trade. 
  • The municipality conducts random testing on products and confirms their quality. 
  • It ensures that the quality of products complies with consumer safety policy. 
  • Dubai municipality further issues validated certificates for the products registered with them. 

The product registration policy is followed in the same manner in all the municipalities in the 7 emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah. 

Who should apply for Product Registration in Dubai?

  • Local manufacturers 

Manufacturing industries in Dubai must register their products with the Dubai municipality. These products may include food, cosmetics, and other items. The local manufacturers must approach the Consumer Products Safety Section and ensure proper certifications of their products to sell them productively in the UAE market. 

  • Product importers 

Manufacturing industries overseas must primarily register their goods in the Dubai municipality before trading them in the Dubai market. The representatives of the company must make sure that their products are properly registered with the Dubai authorities before they are imported. 

Process of Product Registration in Dubai 

Businesses must register their products with the municipality of the same emirates from where they acquired their trade license. For instance, companies who obtained their trade license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development must register their products with the Dubai municipality. After the product registration in Dubai municipality, they can distribute them across all the emirates in the UAE. Moreover, products in different sizes, packaging, quality & quantity should be registered multiple times as available. 

The process of Product Registration in Dubai follows as below: 

  • Ensure valid license 

Before registering the product, the availability of a valid trade license is a prerequisite for all the businesses operating in Dubai mainland or freezone. 

  • Product registration with the municipality 

After ensuring the availability of a valid license, companies must register their products with the Dubai municipality to certify product quality. To start with the registration process, the companies must submit a Products Registration Service Application along with a copy of a valid label assessment of each product. They must pay the required registration fee as well to complete the process. In addition to that, the company representative should mention each product in the form that needs to be registered. 

  • Completion of registration 

After completing the above steps, the Dubai municipality will review the application and submitted documents. It is compulsory that the product’s authenticity and quality convince the Municipality so that it issues an electronic registration certificate for the company. The product registration is valid for 5 years. 

Initial documents required for the product registration include –

  • Certificate of company registration 
  • Laboratory test report of the product 
  • Certificate of free sales
  • The analysis report of the product 

Furthermore, the company representative can register the products online through the website of the Dubai municipality. In case of any objections, the applicant has to submit the supporting documents in response. 

Benefits of Product Registration in Dubai 

  • Brand safety
  • Label security 
  • Trading rights 
  • Trouble-free import and export of goods 
  • Distribution of products in UAE and GCC region 
  • Reasonable tax rates on manufacturing and trading of goods in Dubai 

Products mandate for registration in Dubai – 

  • Pharmaceutical products 
  • Food items 
  • Cosmetics 

Products banned in Dubai – 

  • Narcotic Drugs 
  • Cigarettes 
  • Israeli goods 
  • Betel leaves 
  • Products associated with gambling 

Certain products can enter in Dubai market with restrictive status, such as – 

  • Goods related to Nuclear energy 
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Rough diamonds 
  • Products associated with Media

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UAE market offers the best opportunities to international businesses to trade in luxury as well as mediocre goods. However, it also ensures that the products launching in the market are genuine and safe for consumption. Thus, Dubai municipality provides access to all the local and foreign companies to register their products before distributing them in the market for human consumption. 

It’s important to understand that product registration is mandatory to ensure the safety of customers. This procedure helps in eliminating forged products and low-quality goods from entering the UAE market. Other than that, the Dubai authorities make sure that the quality of products rests in favor of consumer interest. Besides, the product registration certificate is compulsory to get clearance at the time of shipping. 

The product registration process may seem a little intimidating, particularly with the strict implementation of laws in the UAE. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your dream venture in the Arab land. Therefore, it is advisable to seek professional guidance regarding company formation and product registration procedures. 

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In short, we will establish your company on your behalf and set you free from all the hassle! Get in touch now and book a free consultation with us. 

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