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Double beds are the classic beds for couples, or for those who want to sleep particularly comfortably. Let’s find out more about this type of bed.

The choice of the bed is a factor of great importance, if you think that you spend at least 30% of your life in bed, you can understand how a thoughtful choice suited to your needs is necessary in all respects. A double Ottoman beds can be more or less comfortable , different from an aesthetic point of view: on the market there are many examples of types of double beds , which can adapt to different needs. There are several factors to consider before choosing: the aesthetic type, the size, and so on.


First of all, we can divide the structure of these beds into three parts: a first part, which has neither the headboard nor the footboard, that is the so-called ” Ottoman beds “. This model is at the height of simplicity and minimal design and is perfect for a modern home . In some cases the height of the bed from the floor is minimal, just think that some models of Japanese double beds have only a panel of variable dimensions to separate them from the floor.

The headboard of the double bed is especially important from an aesthetic point of view, but we must not overlook that it is also very comfortable if you want to lean on your back, for example to read in the evening or if you want to watch TV in bed. Depending on the need, therefore, you can opt for a double bed with or without a headboard .

The footboard, on the other hand, has an aesthetic function , and usually accompanies noble or antique beds. Modern beds, both for a design function and for space and comfort, usually do not feature the footboard accessory. As far as the central structure of the bed is concerned, today there are mainly double beds with wooden slats that are better suited to support the mattress and the weight of the body, and which allow a qualitative improvement of rest.


Since the bed is a fundamental element of the furnishing of a room. It is obvious that one should opt for a model in line with the style of the whole house. As well as with one’s personal aesthetic taste. There are models of wrought iron double beds , suitable for a classic, romantic or country décor. The brass double Ottoman beds, on the other hand, are more rustic and suitable for example for a country house.

The wooden double ottoman beds are extremely versatile depending on the material used, and this also depends on their final cost. Furthermore, depending on the wood used, the colors and shades can be very different.

The shape of the double bed can vary from rounded to more schematic

Also depending on the type of effect to be obtained. Not only that, it is possible to opt for beds covered in fabric. Leather, or eco-leather , to obtain an even more particular and personalized effect. Finally, we need to mention something about the size of the double beds. Given the rule that it is necessary. That around the three sides of the bed you have to be able to move easily. And have a certain ease, there are double beds of very different sizes. The common double beds have a size ranging from 160 to 190 cm in width . Instead the French beds are smaller, usually the width is about 140 cm.

The prices of double beds can be the most varied : they range from a simple bed, from 200 euros, to double beds in wrought iron costing thousands of euros. Obviously the size and the material used clearly affect the final price. The advice is to choose a good quality bed that lasts over time.

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