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There are more than a thousand licensed ATV drivers and Boat drivers in PA or Pennsylvania. As a Pennsylvania driver, you must renew your vehicle registration on time. It is not difficult to restore your vehicle registration. 

If you want to know about ATV Registration PA and Boat Registration in PA, this article is just for you. 

ATV Registration

All ATVs in Pennsylvania must be enrolled and titled with the DCNR’s Snowmobile/ATV Section, except those regulated purely for industry or farming objectives. The money raised from ATV registration goes towards:

  • Furnish funding for the program’s administration.
  • Trails in DCNR-managed forests should be conserved.
  • Grants to for-profit and nonprofit groups to expand riding opportunities across the Commonwealth.

You must also have liability insurance if you intend to ride your ATV on property that you do not acquire or lease. When you ride, you must have evidence of insurance with you.

Liability insurance has no minimum regulations or coverage levels set by the DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law.

Being sure of where you intend to ride your ATV, you’ll require one of the following types of registration:

General Registration

This registration lets the ATV be utilized outside of the owner’s or operator’s private land. The two-year enrollment fee is $20. A registration plate, a passing sticker, and a Certificate of Registration wallet ticket are given to the owner.

Limited Registration:

This registration is for ATVs that are only utilized on the owner’s territory. There is no expense to register, and it does not terminate. A registration plate and a card are provided to the owner, but no expiration sticker is encompassed.

Registration is not necessary for:

  • ATVs are utilized solely as utility vehicles for agricultural or commercial motives.
  • Nonresident ATVs with reasonable registration in a nation, province, or nation that honors Pennsylvania registration
  • ATVs that pertain to and are employed by the federal, country, or local government
  • ATVs belong to a dealer who has been granted a dealer registration certificate and are utilized entirely for the dealer’s business.

How to register your ATV?

If you purchase your ATV from a registered dealer, you’ll receive a registration plate with a 45-day temporary registration sticker. 

If you purchase your ATV privately, you must give DCNR the following information:

  • Petition for registration and titling that has been completed
  • Fees for indication of vehicle identification number (VIN) and PA sales tax (or proof of tax payment)

The registration and titling petition form must be finalized and returned to DCNR, together with the registration and titling taxes and a sales tax statement.

Boat Registration

The Commission distinguishes a boat as any aspect of watercraft generated or traded for the fundamental goal of being employed as a means of water transportation. The following items are not included in the term:

  • Surfboards and other non-powered apparatuses are primarily used as swimming aids.
  • Federal manning and inspection criteria apply to commercial boats.

Boats that need to be registered include:

  • A boat with gasoline, an electric engine, or diesel.
  • Vessels that the US Coast Guard has reported as being utilized for recreational objectives. Large leisure boats, such as yachts, are instances of documented watercraft.
  • Auxiliary-powered boats, such as diesel, sailboats, electric motors, or use gasoline

How to register your boat in PA?

The process of Boat Registration PA is relatively easy. Most new boat holders will expect a Temporary Registration to regulate their boats while their registration articles are filtered. Approved Boat Registration Agents, county treasurers, and Commission area offices offer provisional registrations.

The following boats must register but are not required to pay registration costs.

  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania owns or operates motorboats.
  • Motorboats are owned by Commission-approved public service groups and used solely for training, teaching, water safety, and other public service tasks.

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