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Powerful Gojek like App offers 70+ on-demand services online through one single platform. It is revered across continents as a sophisticated ultra-modern software that is instinctually sensitive to human emotions and keeps enhancing itself to serve the society better. Your App’s User can book a Taxi, a Masseuse, a Yoga Instructor, or schedule an appointment with a Doctor, Real Estate Agent, Tour Guides and even avail services online such as Car Wash, call Plumbers and Electricians on-demand. User has to login once and have instant access to such phenomenal on-demand Services.

The Fresh and Crispy Features of Gojek Clone App are as follows,

a. Book Taxi Rides with your iWatch

No, you are not dreaming! It is indeed a reality! You can now book Taxi Rides using your Apple smart-watches with few simple taps on the screen. You can even pay online using this smart-watch! All that you have to do is connect your iPhone 11 with your iWatch and ensure that both the smart devices have access to the Internet. Then download the Taxi Booking iWatch App on your smartwatch. Immediately a Rider’s App will get automatically installed in the iPhone 11. Once you book the ride, you can even see your Taxi Driver’s Name and Face on the iWatch screen with the Cab details.

b. Real-Time Tracking 

Gojek Clone App’s Users will get live geographical updates about the current location status of their Service Providers. Likewise, even Service Providers can use Google Maps to locate Pick-Up and Drop Location for Food, Grocery, Medicine, Stationery and Parcel Delivery. This entirely eliminated the anxiety of when the parcel or order will be delivered because now not only can they chat using the In-App Messenger but also call each other.

c. What about the privacy if real numbers get exposed?

This is why Apps like Gojek introduced VOIP based Call Masking Feature. This does not allow real calling numbers of both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers to be revealed to each other. Whenever it is necessary to make the call, then this App allows you to call your Service Provider using the App itself. Basically, Internet based calling has protected the privacy rights of millions of Users and Service Providers connected to each other through this All In One Services App Indonesia. This feature is not restricted to just Taxi Rides itself.

d. Item Name Searching

Prayers were answered when this feature was introduced because it is time-consuming and at times frustrating to browse through several pages on your smartphone just to get to the on-demand service the User needs at that point of time. That is why there is a search icon on the right-end top of the smart-phone screen wherein the User can punch in the name of the service to cut-short the whole process of hunting down that one specific Service.

Attorney Charlotte Miller lives in Alaska’s Juneau where the current temperature is -2 Degree Celsius

Charlotte was in deep sleep when her two Alaskan Malamutes woke her up by licking her feet and hugging her. She spends some time playing throw-n-fetch with her Brandy and Vodka in her snow-laden backyard. She has got the chills now because of the extreme cold Alaska weather, he jumps in her shower and turns on hot steamy water. 

But, oops, her Electric heat pump water heater doesn’t seem to be working! Now what?

She opens her Gojek Clone App and books an appointment with an Electrician named Nick. He arrives in half an hour although he lives hardly 300 metres away because of the massive winter storm last night that had buried the city in two feet of snow. 

Nick complains that the water temperature on the thermostat was set too low and plus the Water Heater was in the Vacation mode.

Now that Charlotte’ Water Heater is fixed, she pays Nick US $40 via the In-App Wallet.

After one bubbly bath, she recalls that she has to go meet a client!

But how can she go? Her car and front porch is buried in a thick layer of snow! She calls up the Client and postpones the meeting by two hours. Meanwhile, she opens the same Gojek clone multi-service app to book a Snow-Plough service to clear out the thick sheet of snow from her front porch and the adjoining street.

But her Porsche 718 needs a session of Soft-Touch Car Wash!

She uses the same app to book the earliest appointment possible for the Car-Wash. Garrett arrives in just under 10 minutes and starts his work. Impressed by his impeccable and neat style of working, Charlotte tips him $100 that is over and above the total bill.


Gojek Clone App is the nurturing mother to the On-Demand Service Industry. She has sown the seed and then the same seed will grow into one gigantic tree which will bear thousands of fruits at once. It is the business model of the App that has exponentially increased its demand in the market among the young aspiring entrepreneurs. If you desire to become one such Entrepreneur who is financially independent by the age of 21 and can retire as early as 35, then buy Gojek Clone App from GojekAppClone now! They will launch your profit-making App in less than a weeks’ time because that’s the reputation they have earned over the course of five years.

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